Monday, December 19, 2016

The West Coast

"The West Coast"
Oil on masonite
17" x 11"
Price $325
©Nancy Tokos 2016

Original.  The first day of Winter is 48 hrs away and yes, just walked back from the end of the street and watched the sunset.  Clear skies, flat ocean delivered a green flash.  No sign of the snow storms in the northeast.  Nor in this painting, for that matter ~!

This is an original work of art by American Impressionist and California resident, Nancy Tokos.  Oil on canvas. Additionally, I gesso'd the masonite for extra texture. Safely packaged and shipped 1-5 days following the PayPal transaction. You can also save on continental USA shipping rate and take delivery from my bricks and mortar location at the fabulous Arts District in Liberty Station, San Diego.  Shipping rates outside of USA will be calculated accordingly. Colors and values may vary slightly between the actual oil painting and the image on your computer.  You own the Original painting.

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