Monday, March 14, 2016


"Friday @ Sunset"
Oil on canvas
20" x 16"
©Nancy Tokos 2016

Original.  I had a great career in television.  There was a California program called "Friday At Sunset" and it aired every Friday at 7:00PM. Funnyman, Howard Stern, was the brilliant host. Howard traveled around to local bars, clubs, music, hidden gems, stores, concerts and more of what's happening Los Angeles.  We would also spend a fair amount of time going to the beach with just about any excuse, but it was usually for the sunset.  We never did a story on the best canvas beach chairs, but, if the show was still going, we would have.  I love painting them!

This is an original work of art by California resident and American Impressionist, Nancy Tokos.  Oil on stretched canvas.  Safely packaged and shipped 1-5 days following the PayPal transaction.  If you prefer, save on shipping and take delivery from my bricks and mortar location in San Diego or LaJolla. Colors and values may slightly vary between the actual oil painting and the imagine on your computer.

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