Saturday, December 5, 2015



"Work In Progress"
Oil on canvas
36" x 24"
$ 1250
©Nancy Tokos 2016

Original.  Lindsey and  I met at a meeting for American Ex-Pats in London.  She was just beginning to take her photography seriously.  I was just beginning to pick up the brush again.  This British club offered various outings, including tips on where a Yank could find a mexican food restaurant in Central London.  Since we shared the common interest of the most importrant thing in life, we became fast friends.  I've continued following Lindsey's photography.  She now has three adorable children, including Abigal.  Lindsey took this photo of Abigal's first lesson in chess.  The gentleman is Lindsey's patient father.  I was captivated with the expressions captured with Lindsey's photography skill and with her kind permission, there is now this painting.

This is an original work of art by California artist, Nancy Tokos.  She is a member with AMERICAN IMPRESSIONIST SOCIETY, OIL PAINTERS OF AMERICA and SAN DIEGO PORTRAIT SOCIETY.  Oil on stretched canvas. Canvas measures 3 ft. by 2 ft.  Safely packaged and shipped via FedEx.  Please allow 1 - 5 days for shipping.  Save shipping and take delivery from my bricks and motar studio in San Diego, California.  Oil paintings + drawings are very handsome in "barnwood" frame.  My favorite is available at*  The photograph colors may vary. Values may be slightly different from the actual oil painting and the image on your computer due to my digital camera settings, time of day the photo was taken and the monitor you are looking at right now.*

Shipping will be calculated for your specific destination.  This painting measures 3 ft by 2 ft.  "Buy Now" reflects price of the painting and California Sales Tax (if applicable) only.

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