Friday, October 25, 2013


Oil on canvas panel
Price $225

©Nancy Tokos 2013

Original.  So how many strawberries does it take to make a strawberry pie ?  Are you asking someone who prefers to paint a pictures of strawberries than bake them ?  Well, I Googled and discovered that it takes 3 cups of cored berries.  Save shipping fee and pick up direct from my bricks and mortar location, Portrait4All Gallery, in San Diego.  This lovely little composition is delivered matted and framed and ready to display.  If you have read this paragraph all the way through, and  can see "Strawberry Pie" in your home, maybe your kitchen has the right spot,  you may deduct fifty percent off the price listed above!  Email me so I can adjust PayPal. The email that is date stamped closest to the posted date wins. Ships within 2-3 days.

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